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What a great relief after knee surgery! The intensive peppermint foot salve really kept me from using too many pain pills. I recommended this product to all my friends and coworkers with similar pain issues and they are using it now!

Also, I recently tried the Breath Easy respiratory product - it cleared my congestion and cleared my head????
Lois, RN, Oakland CA
  • For the past several years I have had difficulty sleeping through the night. I wake every other hour or so with intense leg pain and pain in my shoulders. I have arthritis and my leg muscles ache constantly. I used the lavender muscle balm before bed and slept for five hours straight without waking up! When I woke up my shoulders were not hurting and I actually felt good. Best night sleep I have had in years, it was such a relief! Thank you!

JaunitaCashier, Colusa, CA

My knees are so bad, before I started using the intensive foot salve my left knee was so bad I could hardly bend it. I started using the foot salve on my knees and with the first application I felt little less pain; after two days the swelling in my left knee was gone. I use the salve twice a day and it really helps me manage the pain and lets me stand for longer periods of time without hurting.

Doug Hines "Original" Harlem Globetrotter

I’ve been using the lavender muscle balm for three months and it’s great for reducing muscle soreness! I rub it on once in the morning and once at night. I’m less stiff during the day and my leg muscles don’t ache through the night, so I get a better night’s sleep.

Ms. Mittie82 Years Young

I got the .3 CBD disposable for my mom. She was a smoker in college but this was her first time vaping. I appreciated the smaller size -- less waste in case she didn’t like the experience. The pen is small and elegant so she liked the look and said it made her hungry -- that’s the outcome we were looking for. Thank you!