Featured Care Collective Partner

Comfort Homesake is on a mission to increase national awareness about aging and health care planning choices until every family is prepared. To learn more about their services and discuss how they can support your choices for feeling better in a healthy way, just ask

We encourage you to reach out to Comfort Homesake  as you explore your options for alternative treatments. Comfort Homesake can help you determine which MyOptions products may be most helpful, while working with you and your caregivers to help you figure out the dosage that’s best for you.

We care about you

MyOptions has partnered with Comfort Homesake to expand safe, convenient access to alternative cannabis health products to people receiving home health care and assisted living services. Comfort Homesake is a non-profit whose mission is to increase national awareness about aging and advance health care planning choices until every family is prepared. Comfort Homesake is dedicated to culturally relevant support and to maintaining the dignity of people managing a chronic disease, with a serious illness or facing end-of-life.

Comfort Homesake believes in supporting the dignity of people facing end of life through the education and training of caregivers to become fierce advocators and knowledgeable facilitators for patients and their families.   

Comfort Homesake is committed to raising awareness about culturally relevant aging and advanced healthcare planning through conversation, training and direct patient care. Our partnership with Comfort Homesake will help you explore options for comfort during short-term disabilities and prolonged injury or illness. Their team of licensed and well-trained staff and volunteers work closely with MyOptions to ensure that each customer has access to consultation regarding the use of our products to meet their specific needs.