Get to know MyOptions

MyOptions is a minority, woman and veterans owned membership only care collective dedicated to improving well-being and promoting health with the use cannabis products.

We are committed to helping people in chronic pain and those who are infirmed or terminally ill who may benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis products to ease pain and improve well-being.

If you, or someone that you care for has faced challenges in accessing these products due to a lack of product and dosing knowledge, mobility or the stigma associated with cannabis use, we can help.

100% Organic Plant Material

At MyOptions we use only 100% organic plant material. All of our oil products are processed using CO2 and ethanol extraction only to create the purest, best tasting and CBD protective formulas. Every batch of oil that we use in our products is lab tested for potency and purity. Our products test at 90%+  potency – we guarantee it!

Simple, real ingredients. MyOptions brings nature and science together to give you the best options for great health! Feel better now, Healthy Being products are available to help you target relief for better pain management at the site of mind and body discomforts without the use of pharmaceuticals drugs.

Try your choice of our unique products today!

Maximize Therapeutic Benefits

MyOptions “Healthy Being” products help you maximize your therapeutic benefit with Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) combined  – Medical studies suggest CBD may reduce inflammation, fight cancer symptoms, reduce depression, mitigate seizures and alleviate anxiety. THC may alleviate pain, address symptoms associated with PTSD , reduce nausea, treat glaucoma, mitigate symptoms of insomnia, reduce anxiety, and fight cancer symptoms.

Customized Treatments

Our MyOptions Healthy Being line offers products that contain only CBD as well as products that contain both CBD + THC. We make our products direct so we can customize the THC levels in our products to be most beneficial to the individual consumer. Ask us about customizing your order today at

Product lines include:

Body & Mind Relaxation – Handcrafted products to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and induce body relaxation.

Muscle & Joint Health – Fortified products proven to reduce joint pain, inflammation and muscle spasms, and help to improve overall joint health. 

Digestive Health – Proprietary products supporting good digestion, healthy appetite, and bowel function.

Respiratory Health –  Sinus clearing products helping you breathe easy.