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Why Healthy Being?

You choose, our products offer CBD only options so that you can enjoy mind and body comforts without experiencing any psychoactive effects. If you want the extra euphoria that THC brings, try our vape products that are artfully crafted to help target pain and elevate mood.

We have designed custom vape cartridges for each of our Healthy Being product categories. Looking to increase appetite, stimulate creativity, promote restful sleep, reduce joint pain and muscle spasms, alleviate joint inflammation, elevate your mood — feel happiness, peacefulness, creativity, focus, clam. Well, we have your all natural, 100% organic remedy.

Try MyOptions and experience the difference.

Member Specials & Exclusive Offers

Care Collective Member

MyOptions gives guest customers and care collective members access to an exclusive line of beneficial health promoting products. You can shop our products as a guest or join our care collective. Care collective members are sponsored by one of our affiliate partners and members always receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

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Caregiver Member

Do you provide care to patients who are terminally ill or living with chronic pain? MyOptions Caregiver Members are provided the tools and resources to assist patients prescribed medical marijuana, or who’d simply like to try alternative remedies to pain management.

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